A website is an important means and every business utilizes its website in a different manner. Some use it to generate visits to their physical store, or phone call while some use it to generate instant revenue through ecommerce sales. This is a great thing that every business wants to achieve with its website, using it for better growth.

There are many ways to boost your leads, sales and revenue without going for a complete revamp and restructure. Here are 5 tricks that you should try to grow your business significantly.

1) Perform a conversion audit: Are you sure that your website is designed to convert traffic?
The fact is, a number of web development companies are amazing at building catchy websites, but are not conversion rate experts. Having a complete conversion audit done is worth considering. If you can find out about your problems and make changes to rectify them before launching marketing campaigns it will decrease wasted advertising expense and give you a firm base to start with. Starting with a stronger base will assist you reach the desired conversion number easily.

2) Find out where visitors are scrolling and clicking: By finding out where your website visitors are and are not clicking it can assist you to move your offers from dead areas to zones that attract clicks. There are tools that won’t only show you where the clicks are happening but also what referral/traffic source is producing them. The tools also tell you how far down your visitors are scrolling your pages. This helps you to test many call-to-action locations and find out which ones are being viewed and clicked on. Knowledge to where your visitors are viewing and what they are clicking provides you great details that can be used to convert more traffic.

3) Use call tracking: If you are using a number of ways to produce phone calls, it is advised to send each source to particular landing pages having unique phone numbers. By using call tracking you will be able to know what methods generate the most phone calls and as your call tracking numbers will be directly to your main phone number there won’t be a trouble how your phone leads are handled.

4) Analyze your Google analytics data: By knowing what traffic methods are not generating conversions and what your traffic is doing before converting it, you will be able to make great changes. Think if you were able to know that the most of your social media traffic was just visitors? You could then use your social media budget for other traffic generating sources that are producing results. Imagine if you were able to find out that the majority of your conversions were from your blog? You could enhance your number of contents to get more traffic for your blog. Google Analytics assist you remove traffic sources that are performing poorly and increase the marketing efforts that are responsible for more conversions.