In the past few years, social media websites have spread like wildfire. Today, people spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. as compared to any other type of website.

Social media networks not only allow you to connect to people but they also provide great advertising opportunities. Like if we talk about Facebook, then a huge number of people are using it as a marketing tool.

A huge number of businesses have a Facebook page. In such instances, it also becomes a little difficult to know how to use social media SEO for the advantage of your business.

Social Media SEO

It is not very difficult to advertise through Facebook Web promotion. These social media networks allow you to post pictures, updates, videos and ads. When it comes to SEO, there is a lot of confusion about how effective Facebook SEO is. Facebook is given a “no follow” tag; this suggests that search engine crawlers don’t give importance to your backlinks coming from Facebook. Thus, these links are not affecting your ranking on SERP.

The links may be no-follow, but that doesn’t imply that the website has no social media SEO opportunities.

Here Are a Few Facebook SEO Tactics:

Post links to your website on less visible areas. A nice thing about Facebook Web promotion is that it provides ads and links in a comparatively subtle manner. Typically, the ads on FB are seen on the right side. Even though links can be found almost everywhere, they are not presented in front of you directly. Post links in the right side panel, info tab, bio section etc. This way you can ensure that your uses won’t get irritated by spammy messages.

Keep posting. Usually, companies get excited with the fact of reaching their customers with Facebook web promotion, but they lose interest only in a few months. Don’t stop posting. Provide interesting information about your business, products and services. These posts will boost likes, comments and conversations.

Give away free gifts. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Provide coupon codes, start a contest to attract fans to take part in your social media SEO campaign. If your fans actually love your free stuff, they will tell more people about the same. This will help you get more links.

Regular SEO vs. Facebook SEO:

Using Facebook SEO can be daunting, as the benefits of social media SEO are indirect. Facebook has lots of search potential. In addition, a number of external websites are being tied to the internal system of FB. So, you should consider using Facebook Web promotion in your online marketing strategy.

This fact can’t be denied that social media has a huge impact on SEO. Social Media SEO has evolved noticeably in the past few years. So, getting an account on social media sites is worth it.