According to W3Techs, which, according to its definition, provides information on various technologies used on the internet, PHP is utilized by 79% of all websites that employ a recognized server side programming language. In fact, between 20219 and 2020, the proportion of websites using PHP essentially remained the same. So much for predictions that PHP will become obsolete in 2019! Therefore, to set the record straight about PHP’s demise, our PHP app development company in Indore, India, presents this post.

PHP Market Share Trend

Sincere to say, these figures are not particularly unexpected. After all, WordPress, which uses PHP, powers almost one-third of all websites on the internet. Furthermore, WordPress is adding users at a rate that is almost two times that of the next-best content management system. In reality, we build WordPress websites for a variety of applications as a PHP development business, and these statistics confirm our faith in both PHP and WordPress.

What’s The Big Deal With PHP Dying?

The difference between PHP’s deserving death and PHP’s wish for its destruction. It’s probable that PHP will lose some of its prior prominence as alternative languages gradually take over the development sector. It is not accurate to believe that it is fully off the market, though. Long other languages may come and go, PHP has been around for a while and is well-respected in the app development business for its advantages. It is also important to look at the validity of the justifications offered by individuals who claim that PHP is no longer used. Let’s look at each one in isolation.


It displeases individuals who assert that PHP app development services are not scalable because they are very scalable. It drives WordPress, a potent content management system (CMS) used by both individuals and companies like Microsoft, Walt Disney, and The Washington Post. In reality, we’ve already covered the reasons why companies should choose WordPress in spite of their scalability worries.

PHP is also used by other significant benefits in terms like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Pinterest. All three websites effortlessly accommodate millions of visitors each day from throughout the world. As a result, it is untrue to say that PHP is not scalable.

Myth About Slow PHP

PHP has shown exponential speed growth with each new release. Kinsta, a managed WordPress hosting company, said that PHP 7.X ran two to three times quicker than PHP 5.6 in the majority of their benchmark testing. And PHP 7.X performs better than any of its previous iterations in every manner. Furthermore, PHP 7.3 outperforms Python 3.8.0 in speed, despite being unfairly and regularly compared to Python. This is due to PHP, which is more frequently used for web development, being more specialized than Python, which is more general purpose.

PHP is Not Safe

Again, this is untrue; PHP is not unsafe. A well-known programming language is PHP. It is also one of the simplest to learn. Together, these two elements made learning PHP less difficult, which led to a surge in PHP programmers with dubious or insufficient qualifications. When using goods created by these programmers, people invariably posed the incorrect question, “Is PHP not secure?” Instead of the right query, where can one locate a skilled PHP programmer?

What we mean is that the security of your PHP-based product is only as good as the PHP developers who created it. It’s also crucial to remember that most earlier PHP versions are less feature-rich and secure. It is also terrible that a lot of PHP-based websites still employ outdated versions. WordPress estimates that about 60% of WordPress websites utilize PHP 7.0 or later, with just about 24% using PHP 5.6.

Updates For PHP Versions’ Security

It is more crucial for PHP to receive regular security updates since as older versions age, their security and active support deteriorate. For example, PHP versions older than 7.0 will no longer receive security updates starting on January 1, 2020 if they haven’t gotten active maintenance in a while. The bottom line is that if you use PHP 7.X and collaborate with a professional PHP developer or PHP development business, security shouldn’t be a concern for you.

Why Should PHP Be Selected?

Finding PHP developers to construct your product is straightforward because PHP is the most used programming language. Most importantly, unlike Python or other recent competitors, PHP has a sizable pool of skilled programmers. Working with a business that specializes in web application development or PHP development will help you produce an MVP more rapidly and to a higher standard.

PHP is a free server-side programming language that is available under an open-source license. This implies decreased PHP development expenses. Another benefit of PHP’s popularity is the fact that its development expenses are far cheaper than those of other languages. Additionally, PHP’s capacity to speed up development can make the difference between success and failure for business owners on a tight budget.

Another advantage that might be ascribed to PHP’s great adoption is the sizable PHP community. Forums are a useful resource for your developers when issues emerge. They may enable you to focus on the greater picture rather than having to find a brand-new fix for every minor problem. You can instruct your team of developers or find solutions by using the documentation and tutorials made available by the PHP community.


Nobody who works with PHP would exclaim that it is the best programming language. There are several problems with it, many of which are inherent. Yes, the business is slipping in the marketplace. Due to PHP’s tiny size, it won’t be abandoned entirely for many years, if not decades.

Additionally, PHP is a programming language that is highly maintained, open-source, affordable, and user-friendly. If you decide to use PHP for development, you can anticipate quicker development and troubleshooting, responsive support, and affordable expenses. Visit for more details or to hire our PHP app development company in Indore, India.