Is your website still on the 4th or 5th page of the search results? Probably, you aren’t doing something right. Here are the 7 critical SEO mistakes that businesses make.

1) Lack of Keyword Research and Keyword Use

Not conducting keyword research and not using the right keywords across your content will not help you get a good SEO rank.

2) Failure to Plan The Content

Not planning your content structure, not providing quality information, and using the wrong keywords will reduce your website’s SEO rank.

3) Lack of Link Building Plan

Adding irrelevant links will affect your ranking in the SERPs. Also, if you do not add internal links, search engines spiders may not be able to index all your webpages.

4) Not Having a Responsive Website

If your website has slow loading speed, poor navigation, and does not load correctly on smartphones, then search engines will not rank your website.

5) Forgetting About Local SEO

If you do not focus on local SEO, then your website will not be featured for local search results. So, you may miss out on reaching your local audience.

6) Failing To Customize Title and Meta Tag

Users may find it difficult to understand your content if you do not customize your title tags and meta descriptions. They may not even click on your website content even if it features in the search results.

7) Not Update Your Website

If your content has not been updated for a very long time, search engines spiders may consider your website to be an inactive one. As a result, your website’s SEO rank will be affected eventually.

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