Regardless of whether your business has a social media strategy, you are probably using social media to some degree because it is free, strong, and can be made simple. At any rate you are promoting your content by means of these various platforms and doing your best to form associations. However, the way in which social media should actually be very unique if you are a B2B or a B2C company.

When thinking about social media marketing for businesses, most assume it’s only for B2C businesses. This is a myth! We have listed down the major significant differences between B2B and B2C social media marketing.

Fact: 87% of B2B businesses use social media to meet their business goals.


B2B: Create a thought leadership brand identity, create brand awareness lead generation.

B2C: Build brand awareness promotes community engagement lead generation.

Type of Content

B2B: Content that combines information, data, and analysis such as ebooks and whitepaper.

B2C: B2C social media strategies adopt a casual way of marketing. Blogs, images, videos, infographics, GIFs, audios are some crucial types of content that B2C businesses use.

Correct Tone

B2B: The content for B2B strategies should be shareable and relatable, but with a professional and authoritative tone in mind.

B2C: B2C companies mostly use a casual and fun tone and language to connect with their customers.

Social Media Platforms

B2B: B2B businesses have the aim of developing professional relationships and lead generation.

B2C: B2C businesses need to interact directly with their consumers.

If you are looking for professional assistance to create your social media marketing strategy, you can talk to some of the best digital marketers and get started. The experts will understand the type of your business and help you design an effective social media marketing strategy.