1) Create Compelling Ad Copy

Create an ad copy with click-baity headlines with keywords, optimized meta description, and appropriate CTA.

2) Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords prevent your ad from showing up to the wrong audience and irrelevant search queries. By creating a list of negative keywords and using them in your ad campaign, you can filter out any unwanted traffic.

3) Make the Best Use of Keywords

Pick the most relevant keywords for your PPC ads. Keep in mind that broader and popular keywords tend to be more expensive because more searchers are using those terms for their search queries.

4) Run Ads at the Right Time

Depending on how your real estate business functions and the demands of your existing as well as potential clients, run relevant campaigns at the right time.

5) Create Ad-specific Landing Page

The landing page should provide valuable information related to the ad copy. Highlight the features on your landing page that you mentioned in your ad copy and communicate the same message to ensure consistency.

6) Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are the ad formats that show additional information about your business services. Ad extensions improve your ad’s visibility, increase the CTR and improve the overall ROI.

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