Here are our top 5 recommendation for cloud-based business apps that can really work for your service based business:


Evernote not only lets you record your idea, it also lets you nurture it & come up with concrete steps to get it done.

FACT: Evernote has 13.5 Million registered users and over 600,000 of those are premium users.


RescueTime lets you know where you spend most of your time by breaking down how much time you spent on specific websites & applications.


RingCentral has always been a leader in cloud-based communications & it’s continuously innovating, Office Plan is the top unified communications solutions as a service (UCaaS in the industry.)


This app has been the go-to app for project management for years. It is so intuitive & easy to use that most users really prefer the app over other project management tools. This app has been the go-to app for project management for years.

FACT: 89% of Basecamp users have a better handle on their business.


NutShell CRM is actually designed with small business operations in mind. The app lets small and medium scale businesses automate their sales process and simplify their contact management.


For your basic accounting needs, most small businesses opt for the base version of Quickbooks Online.

ThirdEssential will give you a Content Management System that will enable you to make small adjustments, add text, images and more. We’ll also guide you on how to use your website CMS to update pages from time to time.