A strong content marketing strategy is crucial for any business that wants to rise to the top. As the top content marketing company we have compiled a list of content marketing errors you should avoid to get better leads and higher rankings.

1) You can use data to develop your content marketing strategy. Relying on intuition when creating your content marketing strategy is a waste of time and money. Knowing your company is a key part of getting people to visit your website. Data must be used to determine the best marketing strategy for your company. To determine which articles are most SEO-friendly and to generate the best ROI, compare the accomplishments of competitors. Consider the following questions:

What length will each post take?

Is it worth re-creating this content?

Are there any important points missing from this article?

What number of backlinks are there and what are the external links?

Your answers will help you identify which articles your team could improve. These can be added to your content marketing calendar. Instead of relying solely on guesswork, now you have a list that is supported by data.

2) Communicate with the Target Audience. No matter how well-written or organized your content, it won’t work if readers don’t find it relatable. Before you start each post, determine who your audience is and what they need. Your audience will feel more confident in your ability to share valuable content that teaches and engages. If they feel valued, your audience will share your content more often with their networks. More than half of the content on online entertainment news channels is directly from peers. This will likely lead to increased visibility and more loyal readers.

3) Neglecting link building: Contrary to popular belief, linking to other websites than yours will bring you more traffic than it is removing. Link building builds your credibility and gives you references for your readers. Google will see this as a sign that your content is trustworthy. This also improves SEO and gives readers additional value. All of these factors contribute to your business’s visibility and higher search engine rankings. If you feel frisky, start to mingle with websites sharing similar content and begin to form relationships. After getting to know one another, you might find that they are the perfect match to embed links to each others’ content.

4) Be consistent: It can be difficult to post enough content, or even to maintain consistency when you’re just starting content marketing. It is important to understand that content will not help if it does not provide value. Even if the content is of high quality, it won’t make much difference. A well-planned strategy is essential for content creation. To increase brand awareness, your business should publish at least one blog post per week of 1,000-1200 words. Publishing content is best done consistently. Loyal audiences will appreciate content calendars that focus on useful topics. This way, you will never run out marketing material.

5) Search engines: 75% of searchers never get past the first page. This means that your company will need to hire a content marketing agency to help it rank higher in Google. There are many content marketing agencies that can help businesses grow through writing and optimizing SEO for clients like ours. For ranking and connecting with the crowd via remembering keywords, exceptional SEO services are essential. If your content is relevant and aligns with SEO research, you will be on the first page. If you misuse keywords, you will be moved to the bottom of the page.

6) You are not expanding your content marketing options: Someone once taught you that increasing the amount of blog posts is key to successful content marketing. Although blogging is a great method to drive people to your site, there are some essential components to your strategy. You should consider the topic areas of your ROI-driven content to determine which formats are best. Consider case studies, interviews and social media. You can add some flavor to your content marketing strategy by incorporating a variety of channels.

7) LinkedIn claims that visuals attract 94% more people than articles without them. A successful marketing strategy will include creative content design. Great visual content is crucial to create engaging articles that are easy to understand. A minimum of one image should be included for every 200-300 words to break up the text. Similar to the previous example, a short video of less than two minutes can be used to increase SEO and visual appeal. Your audience won’t read it if they don’t either. Your content will be more valuable if you include pictures, videos and engaging text.


If you’re aware of the best places to look, it is possible to avoid common mistakes in content marketing today. You can increase brand awareness and create quality leads by using top-notch content marketing. To create a winning strategy, get in touch with our content marketers pros. Check out https://thirdessential.com to publish high-quality content and attract visitors to your website.