Whether you’re a small, privately owned business looking to expand your reach or a large corporation looking to cut costs, having a website is essential. A website is your digital business card; it’s the first thing potential customers will see when deciding whether to contact you or not. It’s your chance to showcase your products, services and company to the world. It’s your chance to attract leads, potential clients and build your brand. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with your customers and grow your business with little effort. If you own a small financial services business, a website is a must to keep your customers, lenders, partners and vendors updated on your progress. Here’s how you can design and develop a website for your business.

Experience with Financial Services Websites

You’re not the only business creating a website for their company. A lot of experience with this may come from your employees who, if they themselves are financial services professionals, may have experience with their company’s website. However, another way to come by experience is through online research. You can gather information from different websites and blogs to get an idea of what your company’s website should look like. A good place to start is Google. And don’t worry about what people may think of you as a business creating a website. It’s your website; it’s your business.

Expertise with the Right Website Platforms

When it comes to building a website, it’s important to have the right experience with the right website platforms. You want to be comfortable building your website on these platforms, so you can focus on adding value to your customers. The most important thing when it comes to website platforms is that you choose a CMS (content management system). A CMS is a program that allows you to create pages and content for your website. You’ll want a CMS that allows you to easily manage your content and add new pages, which may be WordPress, Shopify, Joomla or Drupal. Beyond the CMS, the rest of the experience is up to you and your team’s expertise.

Strong Understanding of Security and Compliance

Any business that deals with money and transactions will require a strong understanding of security and compliance. This is especially true for a financial services company that works with people’s money. Having an understanding of security and compliance will also help you design and develop a website that is safe, secure and compliant with laws. Security has to do with protecting data and compliance is about staying within the confines of whatever regulations your country or company has in place. Make sure your team has the knowledge to make informed decisions when choosing security and compliance solutions and understand the processes behind each.

Respect for User Experience of Finance Customers

When it comes to a financial services website, you have a segment of your customer base with high expectations: the finance customers. They know what they want and expect from a financial services website.  Customers in this industry are used to seeing a lot of information; from investment products to their financial goals, these customers have a lot to process. If you want to keep these customers, you have to have a website that makes sense to them. Customers in this industry expect a website that is easy to navigate, intuitive and easy to understand. An important user experience aspect to consider is the back-end of your website. What is the information your customers will access and use?

Digital Marketing Capabilities

Your website is the digital representation of your business. It’s the first thing potential customers will see and hear about you. Therefore, it’s important to have a website that can be optimized for both content and page views. Too many businesses rely on their website being optimized to a certain extent, but don’t take the extra step to optimize their website for better page views and conversions. To be optimized for content, your website needs to be set up for your CMS to allow for easy content management. This goes for managing your website’s content, including the way you structure your product descriptions, your blog posts and any PDFs or other documents you may have. To be optimized for page views, your website needs to be set up for both your main website and all of your business’s subdomains. This includes subdomains for your logo, your main website, your social media profiles and any other business-related subdomains.

Secure Hosting Abilities

A website is nothing but a bunch of documents hosted on the Internet. Therefore, it needs to be hosted on the Internet. There’s no way around it: hosting your website on the Internet means that it can be accessed by anyone. There’s no way to host your website offline. You may as well choose to print business cards or hand out brochures. As long as someone has an Internet connection, they can access your website. This puts your website at risk for security threats and websites that may break the law. It also makes your website vulnerable to being hacked and being taken down. This is where hosting comes in. Your hosting provider is responsible for keeping your website’s documents safe, secure and compliant. Hosting is the way your website is stored on a server. It allows you to access your website from anywhere in the world.

Create an Online Presence for Your Business

A business website is an online representation of your business. It’s the digital face of your business, the first thing potential customers will see, and the first thing potential employees will hear about you. If you’re considering a website for your business, now is the time to start building your online presence. From navigation menus to product descriptions, your website is the first thing potential customers will see when deciding whether to contact you or not. It’s also the digital business card that employees will hear about you when they’re looking for a new job. A business website is the digital presence that your business needs in today’s digital world. Start building your business website today by choosing the right software and setting up your website.

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