So if you have just launched your new business website. The only thing left now is to first start creating content and managing for some promotion, related to your marketing & branding, right? Well, not so fast.

You first have to do various things to ensure that your website is set up correctly and prepared for the public. Here are a few things you should do to correct after launching a website.

Check that all third-party items such as newsletter signups and social media profiles are connected to the proper accounts.

Use testing tools like Google Page Speed and Pingdom and correct any relevant technical recommendations.

Inform people about your new website through social media, emails, etc.

Use visitor feedback to make improvements.

What you say and how you say is very important. Put the focus on the people, not the service.

Install Google Analytics to track, analyze and evaluate.

Tell Search Engines you have a new website: Setup Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Check for broken links as visitors and search engines, both hate broken links.

Perform On-Site SEO.

Check website for browser responsiveness.

To know in detail about these ideas and create an impressive website for your business, reach out to the experts in online marketing.

Create a Sitemap.xml File and a Robots.txt File – These files are necessary for search engines and other web services. They are two out of the five web files that will improve your site.

Set Up Google Webmaster Tools – Not many people use this tool — it’s not as popular as Google Analytics, for example — however, it still is one of the best tools to have as a website owner.

Dealing with all the things described above will take you less than one hour. This hour might very well be one of the most fruitful hours you spend towards the well-being of your new website. What other things should site owners do immediately after launching a website?