There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the cost-effective and advantageous marketing types. According to DMA and Demand Metrics, email has a median ROI of 122%, that is over four times higher than other marketing types such as social media and paid search. So how do you utilize this type of marketing for your service-based contractor business? Well, there are countless email marketing practices for contractors that you can consider for your business. Listed below are some that you should consider right from the start.

Ask For Opt-in

You must understand that not everyone would want to receive the emails that businesses send. If you send emails to random people, you not only waste your resources but also disinterest the recipients. For them, it will be easy to classify you as a spam sender. But they might not even choose you when they actually need a contractor in future just because you send them unwanted emails.

The best way to avoid landing into the Spam email folder or people unsubscribing from your emails is following the permission marketing tactics. Think of it like this. Just because someone has signed up on your website using their email, or entered to win a giveaway or contest, doesn’t mean they want to receive additional promotional and announcement emails from you.

Segment the List

Growing your email receipt list is one of the best email marketing practices for contractors. But segmenting the list based on different aspects is an even more important practice. When you run a contracting business, you cater to different sets of audiences. Some might need you for home improvement services whereas some might need you for commercial cleaning assistance. Your varied target audience only expects the type of emails that will suit their requirements. This means, you simply can’t send an email to the entire email address list you have.

Choose the Right Time

The open rate of your emails depends on a number of factors such as the subject lines and sender’s name. Other factors that affect the open rate are the day and time when you send your emails. Timing can influence your email open-rate. Therefore, choosing the right time and day is one of the best email marketing practices for contractors that you must not miss out on. Marketers send emails on these days as the open rate, and click-through rate are higher on these weekdays than any other days.

Make the Subject Line Compelling

Right after your name, your recipients will see your email’s subject line. According to the Invesp, 47% of email recipients open email based on the subject line whereas 69% report email as spam based on the subject line. This means that you need to have a compelling subject line so that your recipients are motivated to open your emails. Otherwise, what’s the use of sending emails when your target audience won’t even open them!

Work on the Email Body

Let’s talk about the backbone of your email marketing campaign, the body of your email. The kind of content you send in your emails helps your recipients to decide whether they should opt for your services or not. The type of email you send and quality of content can enhance the conversion rate of your campaigns or make you lose potential clients.

Easy-to-understand Language

Don’t use words and sentences that only you and your workers will understand. Use words that a layman would also understand. Whether your target audience is homeowners or corporates, use simple words and language so that it is easy-to-understand.

Correct Formatting

Formatting an email is as important as the copy of the email. You can make your email copy visually appealing by using different colors, sizes, and heading types. But don’t make your email copy too vivid as it may only look out of place and people might not take your emails seriously. Limit to a maximum of three colors. Use only one type of font and maintain consistency throughout the copy.

Visual Content

It has been seen that emails with pictures and videos are more engaging than the plain, textual emails. Also, visual content makes the information easy to grasp and looks appealing to your readers. You can consider converting your email content into photos, videos, infographics, GIFs, and other visual content and make your emails more attractive.

Running email marketing campaigns for your contract service business isn’t as complex as it may look. You just have to give enough time for your email marketing to be successful. Seek for professional assistance if you can’t manage it on your own. You can get in touch with our skilled email marketing experts for several other email marketing practices for contractors or to get started with an email campaign for your business.