Do you want to use each and every social media platform to promote your business? Do you want more traffic to your website from Twitter? Do you want to increase your followers on Twitter but failing to get that exponential growth? Don’t panic. With focused steps, you can turn your Twitter account into a lead-generation powerhouse. Here is how you can harness the social power of Twitter to gain followers and customers. You just need to highlight some critical factors before you dive into marketing heavy duty equipment business on Twitter.

Set Goals

People always forget to plan and tend to begin their social media efforts without much thought. You need to set measurable goals before diving into any social media marketing endeavors. If you need to promote your business and compete with other brands, you need to focus on the needs of your audience. Just posting content on Twitter and hoping that people would interact with it is just wishful thinking. Posting without a plan isn’t going to work. You need to set milestones, goals and create content accordingly. Ask yourself these questions before your first tweet:

Do you want to get more traffic?

Do you want to generate leads?

Do you want to provide quick customer service?

Do you want to build a following?

Once you have identified your goal, set your specific benchmarks. You’ll need to start interacting with the target audience accordingly.

Build Twitter Followers

If your Twitter followers are engaged and well targeted, increasing their number can be significantly advantageous for your business. Marketing heavy duty equipment business on Twitter and building genuine and relevant followers would be daunting tasks. Creating content that grabs the attention of the relevant audience is necessary. When there is a build up in followers, you would automatically get more engagement and clicks on your website. Use the right hashtags!

Use Twitter ads to build up your email list. Your email list should contain subscribers who have chosen to hear more from you. When setting up your Twitter ad, use select keywords and build your email list.

Note: Use Twitter lists to manage your contacts as a higher number of people can overwhelm your timeline.

Identify Influencers and Engage with Them

If somebody is an influencer in your business field, they already have the audience you want. When you engage with influencers, you are getting the opportunity to gain more followers. The more you engage with your influencers, the more traffic is directed to your business.

Research your competitor’s Twitter profile to know their strategy to engage with their audience.

Setup Conversion  Tracking

Tracking conversions, bounce rates, and sales are nearly impossible manually. Conversion tracking solves this problem. It is a bit complicated, but once it is set up, you can track and analyze any links that you share. It adds additional info to links you share so you can track where exactly people have clicked and what happened after they have clicked. To start with conversion tracking, you need to create unique URLs for each link you post on social media.

Use Pinned Tweets

Twitter allows you to pin your favorite tweets on your profile. When a person visits your profile, they first notice your pinned tweets. You can pin the most important tweets that can make an impact among the audience to create an interesting creditable profile.

If you are new to Twitter and need assistance for marketing heavy duty equipment business, contact us for an expert opinion. We provide digital marketing services to our clientele who wish to expand their heavy duty equipment business.