Creating a continuous supply of new leads is an important part of developing a profitable business. But, it can be daunting. The benefit to content-marketing initiatives, constant A/B split testing and resource-intensive campaigns, is usually a nominal improvement in your conversion rate, which can be annoying.

If you are not able to find the right tricks on how to generate leads, here are some pointers you can use instantly.

Create Your Social Media Presence:

This might look very clear, but social media doesn’t cost you anything, unless you use it for advertising, which suggests free off-site advertisement for your startup. Mainly, focus on visual marketing. Use portals like Pinterest and Instagram to get the attention of customers and prospective shoppers. Share beautiful photos, not only of your services and products, but also of your team, events and other features of your business that your potential consumers might find interesting. Using the human element is really important.

Enhance the Number of Opt-In Offers on Your Site:

If you have more opt-in opportunities on your site, and they are really valuable for your audience, then you will get more signups. You don’t have to rely completely on the signup forms. You can change every piece of content into an opt-in offer. It is important to make the offer very catchy for your website visitors that they can’t resist from clicking to download the information you are providing them. Demos, webinars, white papers, reports, ebooks and PDFs
can all be used, and by enhancing the number of offerings, you can also find out what your visitors like the most.

Remove Roughness from Your Signup Forms:

Even keen leads are going to ignore your forms if they are difficult to fill out. They should be so simple that anybody who visits your website can fill in the details without making mistakes. You can also add a functionality of highlighting the errors so that your visitors know what needs to be changed. Even doing this is very simple. This will allow your visitors to make changes in real time. Also, remove any unwanted fields. The more fields you create the more friction it will create.

Create a Custom 404 Page:

This might sound surprising but a huge number of visitors land on a 404 page because of a missing page or an outdated link. You can easily turn this into a lead-generating opportunity in a number of ways. Like, you can give a signup form for your opt-in offers. You could also advertise a new product. Whatever you want to advertise, you can turn an irritating experience into a value-adding experience. You can also direct your visitors to the most interesting posts on your site.

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