Link building is an important SEO element. Here are 10 different white hat link building tactics for real estate firms.

1) Invest in Internal Linking

You have several web pages and posts on your real estate website that provide valuable information. One of the best link building tactics is to start linking to these pages on your website.

2) Add Correct Hyperlinks

Do not place hyperlinks on a page haphazardly. Choose appropriate anchor text and make sure that your hyperlinks serve a purpose and add value to your post.

3) Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps you develop new contacts, target a wider range of new audience, and also gives opportunities to earn backlinks for your websites. Find the right websites where you can guest blog and start guest blogging for them.

4) Invite Guest Bloggers

Guest blogs not only enhance the information you provide but also gets you new followers, as these guest bloggers will most likely share the post within their circle and on their social media profiles.

5) Write Testimonials

Writing testimonials for real estate-related services that you used from any other business will not only help that business by building their customer trust but also help you get an instant backlink to your real estate website.

6) Participate in Forums and Discussions

If you participate in an active discussion on a relevant forum and if your comment provides contextual value to the discussion along with a link of your website to back your word, then people will visit your website for more information.

7) Get Listed On Directories

When getting listed on directories, you add every detail about your real estate firm including your website details. This acts as a quality backlink to your website.

8) Organize Real Estate Events

You can organize real estate workshops, seminars, trade shows, and even open houses of various homes listed with your firm, and list these events on different online event directories, websites and other local and national event directories.

9) Share On Social Media

Whenever you publish a new real estate blog on your website, have new offers, discounts or open house announcements, share it on the social media channels. Social media sharing is considered to be one of the easiest and safest link building tactics.

10) Avoid Sitewide Links

Having the same link on every webpage is a sitewide link. You should avoid having sitewide links as it is considered to be a blackhat SEO technique as per the Google’s Penguin update.

If you find it difficult to implement these link building tactics, don’t worry. You can hire qualified digital marketers to do the job for you.