Off-page SEO is the effort that you make beyond your dental clinic website that boosts the website rank in the search results. Some off page SEO strategies are as follows:

1) Start Creating YouTube Videos

The links that you get from YouTube video description and comments may help you improve your ranking on search engines. Also, video content is less commonly used by dentists, so you can use video content to be different from the others.

2) Share Content On Various Platforms

Increase your business’ online presence by sharing content in the form of blog, videos, infographics, etc. on different forums and platforms.

3) Make the Most of Social Media

Apart from sharing posts on social media, another easy way to add a backlink to your website is by adding your dental website URL in the personal information and the “About” tab of your dental social media page.

4) Claim and Optimize Listings and Directories

Claiming and optimizing your dental business listing on directories and listing will increase traffic to your website, and attract more customers.

5) Use Link Building Opportunities

Links or Backlinks are a primary ranking factor in Google. You can build your links by Guest blogging, posting on social media.

Proper on-page and off-page optimization work will gain a better SEO value for your dental website. You can talk to our SEO expert to create a complete strategy with the perfect balance of on-page and off-page techniques for your dental website.