Google regards authoritativeness as valuable, and they tend to rank authoritative content highly, but you do not get to that point overnight. Whether you’re in digital marketing or a direct mail marketing agency, you need to display your authoritativeness to keep gaining clients.

Everyone in SEO and content marketing wants brand authority, but not everyone knows how to gain and keep it. You need to put in months of consistency and hard work to create the reputation you want. Keep reading to learn more about building your brand’s authority.

Have a Content Strategy

Content marketing works, but only if you have a clear plan from the beginning. If you pursue it without clear metrics and goals in mind, you will also get inconsistent results. Having a content strategy keeps you accountable. It lays out the tools, keywords, topics, and point persons for your content.

A strategy also provides you with a schedule for your posts, letting you align content with important dates or seasons. It helps you create content that appeals to your audience. Without a plan, it will be tough for you to identify the next step. Before leaning into a tool, platform, or campaign, you need to be a strategist first!

Be Generous with Your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge is vital to building authoritativeness. How will people know that you’re an expert if you don’t talk about what you know? Share what you know—but keep in mind that intent matters! Don’t have an ulterior motive or agenda. Your immediate concern must be to help others in your industry.

Offering information that will help them improve their lives, create efficient systems at work or home, or giving them practical tips will help build trust in your brand. For example, if you are a direct mail marketing agency, you can share tips and best practices for integrating online marketing efforts with traditional ones.

Be Active in Your Industry Community

Find and follow your peers in the industry, post insights and write articles where your audience is, and interact with others in your field. Participating in the community around your industry is crucial. When you are active, you achieve two things: first, you establish that you are approachable, and second, you help others when you share authority-building knowledge.

Use Informational, Long-Tail Keywords in Your Content

Long-form content is great for showing people what you know. Since these pieces can go in-depth, you have the space to target all the long-tail and informational keywords you need to target.

There is a time and place for all types of content, and short blog posts or Twitter updates aren’t enough to build your authority. You need to demonstrate your industry knowledge through long-form articles as well.

Become a Go-To Person on a Few Topics

Many people’s first instinct about authority-building is to show how much they know about several topics. However, this is not always the best way to build people’s trust. Instead, a narrow and deep focus on one or two topics is a better approach. Creating several pieces of content around these topics—also known as the cluster model—makes you more authoritative for algorithms and human readers alike.

When you publish content within a few topics only, you can create “pillar pages” covering various aspects of a topic. When you have enough content for a pillar page, it shows your audience that you know this aspect of your industry very well, making them more likely to consider you an expert in your field.


Remember that authority building does not happen overnight. You do not build your reputation within a month or two. Instead, your actions will prove to consumers that you are someone they can trust. Showing up consistently will convince people that they can trust you and your brand.

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