1) Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Have a well-defined strategy in place by determining your target audience and creating topics that would interest them. Identify how you will make your content stand out and what types of content will you focus on. Also, select the channels you will use to publish the content and accordingly schedule and manage content creation and publication.

2) Identify Your Buyer Persona

Your buyer persona refers to different archetypes of buyers of your product or service. In the case of security service companies, your target group would be schools, colleges, malls, hospitals, commercial parking lots, upcoming neighborhoods, construction sites, condominiums etc. And the age group we are looking at is 22 years and above. Once you have figured out the buyer persona, you need to analyze which channels you would use to communicate with them and the types of content you would create to cater to them.

3) Find Out What Interests Your Target Group

You can do a basic competitor content analysis to see what type of content they have been producing for their audience or refer to market research reports to understand the preferences of your audience better. There are also certain content marketing tools such as BuzzSumo that help you understand the pulse of your target audience.

4) Choose Content Channels

If your target group predominantly uses Facebook over Pinterest, then you should consider posting the majority of your content on Facebook. With the help of Facebook analytics, understand what are the prime time slots for your target group when they come online.

5) Settle On A Style

You have to set a particular tone for all your content based on your brand persona, the general vibe of your brand, and your key content marketing goals. If you have always posted light-hearted content, then see to it that you continue to maintain that style across all your content channels. The reason for this being, you want your brand to have a unique voice of its own that customers can identify.

6) Analyze Your ROI

Measuring your performance is a major aspect of any content marketing strategy. Only when you know the overall performance of your content marketing efforts, you can work toward improving your reach and maximizing the returns. You should ideally measure the total number of users, pageviews, unique pageviews, open rates, click, average time on page, referral traffic, social media shares, comments, and follower growth, subscriber growth, unsubscribes, forwards, leads and sales, etc.

With this background, you must have understood how to go about blogging and content marketing for your security services company.

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