It’s 2022 and the game of search engine optimization (SEO) has changed! Sure, Google standards constantly evolve but that gives you all the more reason to keep up with changes.

If you are a website owner, you probably know how SEO goes. You also know that there are so many tips and tricks to get higher rankings and so many factors to consider in order to succeed.

Mistakes are common especially from a non-expert point of view. Hiring an SEO agency may be the way to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know which common mistakes website owners make. So without further ado, here are five SEO mistakes you should know about!

– Using Auto-generated Page Titles

Writing your own unique page titles is the best way to go if you are aiming for local and organic SEO rankings. Auto-generated titles may be amiss in capturing the essence of your article. Plus you are missing out on major SEO opportunities!

A unique, interesting title that includes descriptive keywords and phrases could easily pique the readers’ attention.

If you want to guarantee high search results, you can include your business’ name, services, the current year, and more. Just remember to keep it short, sweet, interesting, and informative enough for your readers and for search engines to pick up.

– Forgetting Meta Descriptions

This is a major factor in SEO that could easily change your ranking! It should be a no-brainer that meta descriptions are included, but the common mistake website owners make is that they use auto-generated ones. Nearly 30% of websites use auto-generated meta descriptions, which isn’t the best thing for SEO.

If you don’t know what meta descriptions are, they are basically short webpage summaries that allow Google and site visitors to understand the content of your website. Every page needs meta descriptions since they rank individually on search engines. To write killer meta descriptions, think clear, concise, and keyword-rich.

– Having too Few Headers

Headers do not only help structure your articles; they also help boost your rankings through SEO.

Google displays “featured snippets” on its search results oftentimes. These snippets are videos, charts, or website excerpts that aim to directly answer a google search query. Getting a spot on those prized “featured snippets” will be more likely if you include a good amount of keyword-rich headers with H2, H3, and H4 tags.

According to some sources, articles with more headers, think 12 to 13 or more, have higher chances of earning a spot in the prized featured snippets. It’s also important that you don’t cramp them in one short article. The key is balancing your headers with the length of your content.

– Not Including Internal Links

Internal linking is the best way of driving traffic to your website’s older content using newer ones. This method of boosting your content is effective in encouraging site visitors to explore more of your content. It also allows Google to understand your page better.

To put it simply, your website should boost your own website traffic. For each page, you can hyperlink relevant content to other pages on your website. This is a simple and foolproof way of boosting your search engine rankings!

– Failing to Monitor for Broken Links and Images

Links break when URLs change or when the page is completely removed. Broken links and broken images are two of the most common mistakes website owners make. Your website may contain numerous links, images, and videos as part of your content marketing, but failing to check on these could cost you your ranking.


But now, you no longer have to worry! As a website owner, you don’t have to manually check every link on your website! You can hire an expert advertising agency like Mint Marketing Experience to do the work for you. Even if you are a non-expert on SEO, there are still ways to ensure your website is gaining the traffic it deserves.

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