Here are six SEO facts you should know about in order to make your marketing discussions more effective.

1) Only 25% SEO Is on Page, Rest 75% Is Off Page

There are two important things to improve your SEO: Getting links and creating relevant content for the phrase people are searching for. These elements are termed as off-page and on-page. It is essential to create relevant content by including the keywords you are expecting to tank for in important areas of your website. Another important thing to consider is to make contents people want to link to. Search engines consider these links as “votes” conveying the search engines that the website is a good source of information for people looking for it.

2) More Than 90% of US Internet Users Search Every Month

Search engine results are therefore the primary place more potential clients will first know about you. If your website is not optimized, you don’t exist in the minds of your potential customers.

3) After Content, Page Titles Are the Most Significant On-Page Element

The most common mistake most websites make is not having a proper page title. Page title being the second most important on-page SEO element, it is crucial to have a targeted page title. The page title is at the top of your browser on the tab. Page titles also show up on Google when people search. Also, remember to include the keywords in the H1 text, alt tags, and paragraphs on the page.

4) Effective Meta Descriptions Under 155 Characters Boost Click Through Rates

The Meta description is the short sample that appears below a link on search engines. This provides online users an idea of what they will find on clicking the link. Therefore, a catchy Meta description will boost clicks even though it doesn’t affect your ranking on the SERPs. Create unique Meta descriptions on each page. This will bring more clicks depending on the interests of searchers. Remember, to make your Meta descriptions short because there is a 155
character maximum that appears on the SERPs.

5) The Top 5 Results Get 75% of the Clicks

On the SERPs, the top 5 results get 75.7% of the clicks so target your efforts on a few effective words and create content around those terms.

6) For SEO Ranking Google+ Is the Highest Correlated Social Factor

Today, social media has become one of the key forms of communication, search engines have started to factor your social network into the results you see. This is termed as “social search”. In social search, content that has a social connection to you is prioritized. A social connection means that someone who you are connected to through Facebook, Twitter etc.

Search Metrics are already calculating the presence of active social media and finding content shared socially ranks higher on SERPs. According to experts Google+ is the highest correlated factor to SEO.

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