Every business needs the steady support of creativity and innovation, and a huge part of that comes from the process of creating a brand identity. This concept essentially pertains to a collection of visual elements, all of which ensure your business remains unique and identifiable against other businesses in the industry.

It’s also important to remember that brand identity can be deemed as intangible, as these are the values, messages, and feelings that your loyal customers and prospects experience. It’s different from the concept of branding and brand image but is often used interchangeably.

The world’s most successful companies know how to pay close attention to their brand identity, as they exhaust all means to maintain and evolve it alongside the brand image. As a result, they continue to dominate their industries as leaders.

It can be difficult to see how brand identity can be accessible, but it’s also critical to understand that small businesses are more than capable of developing their own. A strong brand identity is what drives growth and sustainability, paying the way for brand loyalty, awareness, and retention to thrive.

The question now stands—how do you create a memorable brand identity? We’ve gathered these tips for you:

#1: Identify Your Target Audience

Depending on your niche and industry, your business is expected to serve a specific target audience. While it can be tempting to assume that countless prospects would be willing to purchase a product or service, it’s typically not a good idea to engage with everyone. You’ll want to target a group of people, such as book lovers looking for more collectible copies of their favourite titles, or perhaps mothers looking for eco-friendly baby products.

Identifying these specific people allows you to develop a memorable brand identity, as your messages, mission, value proposition, and other important elements will be based on their needs, pain points, and behaviours. As a result, you’ll have a strong brand identity that resonates with them.

#2: Finalize Your Brand’s Visual Aesthetic

Now that you’ve identified your target audience, you now have enough data to select the right visual aesthetic for your brand. All these visual elements should complement each other and should include your logo, colour palette, typography, and other necessary items. All these must blend seamlessly, used to develop specific visual pieces like social media posts, brochures, and even product packaging.

To make sure that you’re always properly guided, consider developing a brand guideline, which contains the logo, mood, voice, and other elements serving as the ultimate guide for the rest of your marketing efforts.

#3: Narrate Your Brand’s Story

Your business didn’t just happen—it began due to a specific purpose, a story worth telling. This narrative should be shared with your audiences, as it serves as a memorable way of creating a brand identity.

Your story includes keywords and emotions that convey messages, and using them strategically allows you to gather better leads, engage new clients, and cut above competitors. It’s one of the best ways to humanize your brands, which is a sure path towards creating a solid connection.


Although your business operates heavily on numbers and other technical elements, keep in mind that it’s still an art form. Banking on creativity is what allows you to create a unique perspective, one that will set you apart from the noise. You’ll want to ensure that your efforts resonate and make an impact and with that, make sure you never resort to blending in. Keep these tips in mind for good measure!

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