It is no secret that video marketing has become an incredibly popular and powerful tool, with a reach that continues to grow from one year to the next. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that can cause your video marketing campaign to fall, and the steps you can take to avoid them.

1) Ignoring Marketing Best Practices

Keep your brand’s voice and message in mind always, so your video marketing integrates successfully with your existing content. Be careful not to lose sight of your audience or your marketing objectives, and do not neglect SEO when releasing your videos.

Fact: YouTube has over a Billion users, almost one-third of total internet users.

2) Poor Quality

Consider how you would deliver your brand’s message face to face and allow this to influence your marketing discourse. A more human approach can help to build trust and familiarity with your audience, making them more likely to respond to your CTA.

3) Poor Targeting

The secret to any form of marketing is to know your audience, and tailor your content accordingly. This means identifying your target demographic, identifying your marketing goals, and determining how, where, and when to deliver your content.

4) Overlooking Analytics

Platforms such as Google Analytics facilitate the process of gathering and interpreting your data, enabling you to gain valuable insights about your marketing campaign. Using engagement, detect trends, and even calculate the profitability of individual pieces of content.

5) Unclear Message

It can be tempting to pack as much information as you can into your video content. However, this can lead to your central message being lost. If viewers feel overloaded with information, or they cannot easily discern what the purpose of your video is, they are less likely to keep watching.

Fact: More 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Creating the perfect video marketing campaign is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, patience, and dedication, not just to develop the content itself, but to foster its growth in popularity.