You might consider including online ads in your marketing strategy. Setting up ads with Google Ads Smart campaigns is easy. Our digital marketing agency can assist you in choosing what words to use in your ads. It can be daunting to decide the right words, tone, or information to share if you’re just starting out.

Getting Started

Your digital marketing company will use Smart campaigns to create your online ads. You will need to write two types of “copy” also known as text sections, which are descriptions and headlines. These sections will be displayed together in your ad when someone searches for you or similar products and services. Your first task will be to create catchy headlines. You will need three headlines for each advertisement. These headlines will appear at the top of the page, above the link to the website.

Headlines should be concise and punchy to attract potential customers. Your headlines should entice your audience and persuade them to continue reading the rest of your advertisement. Be concise. Each headline has only 30 characters.

These headlines should be used together to convey information about your customers without repeating their own words.

Pro tip: Make sure your headlines are distinct so they don’t repeat the same content. Avoid phrases such as “1. Cool sunglasses for sale, stylish sunglasses for sale. Check out our chic sunglasses. It has also been proven that capital letters are better for each word.

Be Descriptive

Next, you need to create two compelling descriptions for your digital marketing agency. You only need two descriptions for each advertisement that will appear below your headlines. Descriptions are a great way to show off the uniqueness of your small business. Descriptions have a limit of 90 characters, just like headlines. However, they can be longer (90 characters) and allow you to be more creative in talking about your business. Here are three descriptions that you might use if you sell sunglasses.

“Our unique wooden sunglasses are made right here in Los Angeles.

There are over 50 styles to choose, and all orders include free shipping and returns.

Enjoy special discounts on the most sought-after styles during our Holiday Sale

These descriptions are great because they show your audience what makes your company and products different from others. They also give customers an incentive to shop with your company.

Why would someone choose your business over those of your competitors? There are many options for customers. You can convince them to shop with your company by telling them that you have the highest customer satisfaction score or that you offer risk-free returns up to 30 days. What are your unique rewards? Customers will be more likely to buy from your business if they have the option of receiving discounts or pick-up for their previous orders.

Pro tip: Make sure to check your titles and descriptions for spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, and punctuation. Google may reject advertisements that are not professional looking.

Google Ads Smart campaigns will rotate different versions of your ads in order to assess their effectiveness and impact. As it learns which ads work best, the system of digital marketing services will display the most effective ads more often. This will give you the best results.


Be creative and try new things. Smart campaigns can be created by identifying the ads and copy that resonate with your audience. Online advertising can help small businesses expand their reach and tell their stories to the right audience. These recommendations will help you create outstanding ads that will attract new customers, promote your brand, and produce significant results. For more information, visit .