What Are Infographics?

They are a mix of analysis, writing and design that are perfect for today. Infographics are a visually attractive communication medium that can communicate complicated data in an image format that is potentially viral. They take huge data and present it in a visual way.

Inforgraphic is an effective way of combining the best of design, images and text to represent complicated data that gives information worth sharing.

What Research Shows About Infographics?

In the latest research about infographics it was found that both graphics and content are useful but they are not perfect methods for communication. Text comprises an infinite number of word combinations and gives great details but it relies a lot on the ability of the reader to process the information. On the other hand, graphics are easier to understand but are less effective in communication on complicated and abstract concepts. Combining graphics and text allows you to take advantage of each method’s strengths and cut off their weaknesses.

Why include infographics in your content marketing strategy?

– Shows a Detailed Understanding of the Subject

The research needed to create an infographic will show your knowledge and represent you as an expert on your topic or category.

– Benefits SEO

Due to the viral nature of the infographic more people will link to your site and Google will index your website higher. This enhances the importance that search engines give to your site.

– Increases Traffic

A compelling infographic will drive traffic to your blog and website as people “Like” and “Share”.

– Brand Awareness

Creating an infographic with your logo and brand in it, is an effective means of creating a greater “Brand Awareness”.

– Worldwide Coverage

Unlike local print media, infographics provide global coverage.

– Embeddable

When posting an infographic the code to put it on a WordPress website or blog is provided as an embed code. This then creates an automatic link from their website to yours.

– Viral Capabilities

Due to the attractiveness of infographics, their capacity to be shared on social portals and get viral is a lot more than ordinary written content.

– Easy to Scan and View

We are highly visual and as 90% of the information that your brain gets is visual you need to make use of that optic nerve.

– Attractive and Compelling

Online readers love figures, facts and statistics. Include some compelling graphics and images to have great content.

So, go ahead and start using infographics in your content marketing.