Before you go ahead with SEO marketing, you need to understand a few of its important points that are going to help you a lot in the development of the content and the right promotion of it. These things as an SEO will help you to get the right edge in the market and will benefit in the right ranking of the website. In this article, we are going to brush you up with four of the top most tips ever SEO newbie must always keep in his mind.

1) The User Experience

Always remember the fact that the SEO and the user experience go hand in hand. The more connected a user is to what he is reading and seeing on the webpage, the more you will benefit from it.

If you have set up the right HTML sitemaps, then it will help the overall SEO crawlability that will enhance the user experience.

You need to ensure that you have used all the navigational tools like breadcrumbs as they provide rich features to the users like crawling, indexation, and the structure of the website.

Creating an effective long-tail keyword indexation will help the users to understand the website in a more effective manner, where they can see the relevant information they are looking for.

Using protocol allows you to create a user friendly SERP that enhances the search experience.

2) Using The Links

You must use all the related links in the right manner in order to make the content on the website look more relevant. The emerging trends in the market such as brand signals, social signals, and co-citation/co-occurrence are important but you have to ensure that you have used the relative links that can be clicked by the user for more details at the website.

3) Importance of Title Tags

Using the links at the right place is important but if you are going to do it without the use of the title tags, then you are going to fail in the longer run. Always ensure that you are using a really good title tag. It is an HTML element that the search engine is going to look for every time a relevant search is going to be made by the user. They help indexing your page and allows for a better web page ranking.

4) Content, Content and Content!

Content matters a lot in the overall structure of the website and you need to make sure that it is updated on a regular basis to get the users hooked. The more updated and full of information the content is, the more beneficial it will be for the promotion of the web page. You also have to look for the right keywords density in the sentence formation. The optimization of the pages of the website depends a lot on the content and the keywords combination. The content must be easy to read and understand and should not be too lengthy or short.