Like all other industries, even internet marketing has its own unique marketing methods and tools. You must be acquainted with a lot of these marketing tools like affiliate software, content management programs, link-building systems, SEO software and auto-responders. But, there are many more non-traditional marketing tools that every individual should know about, especially when using internet marketing strategies to get more traffic and generate more leads.

Some of these marketing tools are really camouflaged or brilliantly disguised, with surfers completely unaware of the fact that they are receiving a sales pitch. However, these simple and innocent sales techniques are some of the best marketing tools on the World Wide Web. Knowledge of these marketing tools may prove really helpful, if you are involved in internet marketing or if you wish to get involved. Here is a list of some of the most effective marketing tools.

1) Domain Name: Let’s start from the very basics. Your domain name is one of the most effective internet marketing tools. Choose the right one and your domain name can be your really effective internet marketing tool. You choose a wrong domain name and it may be really dangerous. Almost all internet marketing experts agree that you should choose a short easy to remember keyword-related domain name. For example, www. is easy to spell as well as remember and it also tells you exactly what the website is about. Choosing a domain similar to keyword or keywords of your website will assist immensely in getting a high rank for your website with the search engine.

2) Keywords: Keywords are what surfers’ type into search engines to find what they need. These are the true building blocks of the internet. In any online marketing venture they are the most important element. Pick the right keywords and you achieve your goals, pick the wrong keywords and your online business would be at risk. Thus, you must have apt and common keywords for your online site. You can seek the guidance of internet marketing experts to choose the right keywords. They won’t only help you choose the right keywords, but will give you exact information about the searches made in a month, amount of competition and your competitors.

3) Articles: Internet marketing experts rely on completely organic SEO techniques for marketing their websites. Writing and submitting keyword related articles with links pointing to your website is one of the simplest methods of organic SEO. As other sites show your articles you get helpful one-way links back to your website. Search engines also follow these links and rank your website for the targeted keywords.

4) Lists: List is the backbone of any internet marketing campaign. It is another marketing tool that you need. The list is basically a huge database of contacts, individuals who allowed you to contact or email them. These are subscribers who have registered for the newsletter. Newsletters are important internet marketing tools that no online business can ignore. It is important to stay in touch with your present and prospective clients. This will also help you build a strong and enduring relationship with your clients.