PPC or pay per click is important for your digital marketing  efforts. The main idea behind PPC is to reach out to your target audience by serving them your ads in order to increase your sales. You can serve your ads to the target audience based on their demographics, geographical locations, etc. The people who have clicked on your ads are then directed to the landing page on your website. If you want to start a PPC campaign for your equipment business, then here are a few things that you need to consider.

Study Your Competitor’s Marketing Strategies

Business is a modern war. Julius Caesar won against Pompey, who possessed superior numbers of forces at the battle of Pharsalus. Caesar, the military genius could gage Pompey’s intentions and battle strategies correctly. Imagine yourself riding to the battle with a blueprint of your opponent’s battle strategies. How much will you benefit from it? Therefore,  look at what your competitors are doing. Check for which keywords their ads are getting featured in the search results. This will give you a fair idea about what kind of keywords you should use. Also, check their call to extensions and site links for the ads. You can use the same ones or decide to craft similar extensions for your ads.  

Identify Your Target Audience

You must know your consumers, their needs, purchasing habits, etc., to target them appropriately. You may identify your target audience using various methods such as market research, data gathering tools, social listening, etc. Once you identify your target audience, you will be able to create a proper ad copy and determine the right keywords to target them.

Zero in on the Keywords

Have you gone through the preliminary SEO reports of your competitors? For this purpose, you may use MozSEOptimer, etc.  This will give you an idea of what kind of keywords your competitors are using. You can also try to figure out the keywords by just placing yourself in your consumer’s shoes and imagine what they would be typing on Google to get more information about their desired product or services. You have to be careful as the most popular keywords are extremely competitive. The choice of keywords is a crucial factor in the success of your PPC marketing campaign. Use Google Keyword Planner to identify which keywords are popularly used by your target audience.

Decide Your Campaign Goals

You must have an action that you expect your target audience to take after they have seen your ad. Do you want to redirect them to your landing page or a page on your website? Do you wish to obtain their contact details? Your marketing strategies would be far more effective if you have determined your campaign goals. Ultimately the goal is to convert the prospects into customers of your products/ services. Apart from that other aims include- increase in sales and profits, long-term growth and improvement in brand recognition.

Finalize a Budget

Pay per click, as the name implies, you need to pay for every click you receive on your ad irrespective of the final outcome. This digital marketing strategy can turn out expensive if you make any mistakes in executing the campaign. It might be better off for you to proceed with a limited budget. Check the results carefully. If you think you are not getting the desired results, then you may consider about handing over the campaign to professionals.

PPC campaign has many advantages and if executed skillfully may help you get your desired results. One of the advantages of the PPC campaign is that you get real-time updates of your campaign performance. Once you have gone through the reports, you can make the necessary changes to make the campaign more effective. Don’t sweat if you do not have an in-house marketing team. Our digital marketing wizards can certainly manage your PPC campaign effectively.