The beauty of today’s technology is that it is much easier to promote your business and reach a wider audience. However, that has also led to a surge in new companies, rapidly oversaturating the market and making it harder to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, it will be even more challenging to promote yourself online if you are local to a specific area. The platform you use may pit you against a larger competitor in a completely different location.

For this reason, you’ll need a targeted marketing strategy that caters to your local community, ensuring you draw in new customers who may not have realized that a local company has exactly what they’ve been looking for. Here’s what you need to know:

The Importance of Networking With Other Local Businesses

If your business is in a small town, it’s essential to connect with other local businesses to increase your visibility and get yourself on the community’s radar. By having these businesses put up fliers on their windows or referring you to their customers, you’ll enjoy more exposure and customers. Using fliers is a great way to communicate all your offerings at a glance, informing potential customers of what you can do for them. You can also donate your time to a local organization, church, or charity to improve your local reputation.

Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Business

Another great way to spread the word about your business is to hire a direct mail marketing agency, which will help you send direct mail advertising to your target customers. You can also work with them to create business cards, which you can give to people you meet or start projects with. The recipients of your business cards will be more likely to refer you to their network, netting you even more potential customers.

Create an Online Local Marketing Strategy

You must also craft a specialized online local marketing strategy to support your offline marketing efforts since most people use the Internet to look for what they need. That means investing in search engine marketing, which involves researching all local keywords for your business and tailoring your website content accordingly. The keywords must be specific to your service area to attract local customers, removing the need to compete with larger companies that serve other areas. Be sure to pepper your website with these keywords to make certain search engines index your content and rank you well.

Your goal is to come up when someone uses keywords involving your product or service and your area of service. The more you use local keywords, the more likely you’ll appear on the first page of search results. It also helps differentiate your services from other competitors in other locations. To determine the keywords you should use, try surveying your customers to find out what search terms they use to find a business like yours. If they suggest keywords that aren’t on your website, be sure to incorporate them.


Local marketing is a compelling strategy that can skyrocket your business’s visibility and ensure that you are the first to come to mind when your customers need your product or service. By following our guide, you’ll capture the attention of your customers without having to worry about competing with more prominent competitors that serve other areas.

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